Adult Bible Fellowship Classes

9 AM Bible Fellowship

Bible Fellowship 7
Room C-210 with Paul Huff
This is a group of like-minded people who want to learn more about the Word of God and enjoy great fellowship together at our class socials. This class primarily consists of married couples and singles between the ages of 50 and 60.

Bible Fellowship 14
Room D-102 with Rick Counts

This class is composed of people of all ages including married couples and singles. We have a number of people in our class who serve in various ministries so they come and go during class.  We enjoy working for the benefit and unity of our church. We extend the hand of fellowship to all visitors and guests.

Bible Fellowship 19
Room C-104 with Leo Johnson

This class is a place where all discussions are open and welcomed. You will find that all ages and denominations feel comfortable. Our motto is “No More Guilt”.

Growing in Grace
Room C-205 with Kevin Floyd

This class is a family-oriented group of people (married and singles) in their 20’s, to 50's learning to adjust their lives to God’s will. There is engaging conversation in a relaxed setting that enables each person to grow spiritually closer to the Lord.  We are learning to be FAITHFUL in our daily walk with Jesus Christ in the way we live our lives including raising our children, working at our jobs, sharing our faith, and impacting others around us.

Room B-100 with Bruce Walter & Bruce Blackburn

This small group is designed to meet the needs of those assisting with the main sanctuary service during regular Sunday morning hours (such as praise team, instrumentalists, choir, etc.) but who still want to be a part of a small intimate group and review the weekly lesson. Class begins after the music and ends before the invitation. It provides an opportunity to discuss the lesson and have some short, but in depth conversations about the readings for that week, as well as provide support and encouragement to each other.

Lost and Found
Room C-203 with Mark & Julie Etter

This class is a very unique and diverse group representing six decades of ages. This diversity provides good discussion and Christian viewpoints across the different generations. Outings are always full of fellowship, fun and laughter. All are welcome.

Young Adults
Room C-106 with Ernie & Rita Barker

The Young Adult Class is a class where fabulous 20 something’s (and beyond) are welcomed, accepted and given hope in a non-judgmental, "homey" atmosphere. A safe place for a diverse group to open up and share real life situations while seeking God’s direction and purpose in their lives. Our class is like going to your family reunion and actually liking everyone there. Our desire is to grow in Christ and be FAITHFUL.

Forward Pass
Room C-101 with Ron Wallace

This participation-oriented class is a very friendly and knowledgeable group consisting of men primarily in their 60’s to 80’s; however, there is no age limit so we welcome all men to our class.

Room D-103 with Anna McCaleb & Ruth Crowe

A warm, caring fellowship of women seeking a closer walk with God, studying the Bible for the purpose of impacting families/communities, and reaching out to those we encounter with the love of Christ.

Room C-102 with Charlie Boyd

We have a great class, very seasoned and full of wisdom. We have good fellowship in our homes together and share testimonies of old. It is a privilege to share Christ with each other, and we invite others to join us.

Room D-105 with Nancy Litteral

We are mature ladies who enjoy Bible study, fellowships and day trips. We pray for and support each other, and we are always glad to welcome new members.

RBBC (Resilient Believers Beholding Christ)
Room C-105 with R.B. McKenzie & Ben Cooksey

This is an open, welcoming class which loves to meet new people. The group accepts men and women in an open-minded, non-judgemental atmosphere while learning how God impacts our lives and our world. We see God's guidance while accepting God's grace. It is a fun, relaxed group and this more discussion than lecture.

10:30 AM Bible Fellowship

Bible Fellowship 2
Room C-105 with Neil Patton & Larry Fletcher

The teaching style of this class encourages lively discussion and conversation between the class participants. The class has a wide age range of men and women in their 40s and 50s. Our class meets for socials and fun throughout the year. We have a good time learning about God and worshiping Him.

Bible Fellowship 13
Room D-102 with Doug Malone
This is a small group of loving individuals studying our lessons with a lot of class participation. We are a group of closely knit senior adults ages 50 and older who care for and love one another and help shoulder the cares and concerns as a family unit. We strive to enjoy Christian fellowship with each other at least four times a year.

Bible Fellowship 18
Room C-102 with Lowell Porter

We are an adult small group class. We have very lively and thought-provoking conversations about the weekly lesson and what the Bible says regarding that lesson. In our small group class we have a lot of wisdom, knowledge and experience about life and the Bible. Above all, we love each other and are growing more like Jesus every week.

2:42 Crew
Room C-205 with Brett Nance
This is a fun class consisting of people ages 30’s through 60’s (any age really). We come together to study the Bible, ask questions, & learn more about what a relationship with God means. We want to develop new friendships, encourage & pray for one another, & enjoy being a part of God’s family. You are very welcome to join us!

College & Career
Room D101 with Jamie & Kristy Elkins
We are a fun loving, energetic group of 18 to late twenty somethings. We love to hang out and dig deep into God’s Word. We pray that you’ll come and join us.

Common Ground (Singles)
Room C-104 with Matthew & Rolanda Browning

This class started as a singles class but has evolved into a class of singles & married alike. We always focus on the Bible Fellowship material as open discussion to encourage participation. You will find a friendly & caring atmosphere that welcomes everyone!

Faith in Action
Room C-201 with Shane Jordan
This class includes all ages--single and married. We encourage one another as we pray, laugh, learn and praise together.

Ladies Class
Room D-103 with Paula Fletcher

We are a friendly ladies' class with ages ranging from 50s to a very young 90! We pray for each other regularly, share the Lord's faithfulness in our lives, and enjoy a lot of laughter! We would love for you to join our lively discussion and sweet fellowship.

Morning Inspiration
Room C-106 with Scott Butcher

This is an Adult Bible Fellowship family experience where we gather to study God's Word together. We learn to apply God's truths to our lives, and answer His call to be set apart through the transforming of individuals, families, and the community for the Kingdom of God. We learn together, serve together, encourage each other, and we have fun!

The Seekers
Fellowship Hall with David Lilly, Jim Fields, and Ralph Beadle

Our class is composed of adults 50 and older with an average age around 62. We focus on applying the Scriptures to our lives through lively discussion. We are very active with many class socials throughout the year. We also participate in several outreach activities to the community both as a class and as individuals. We love visitors and encourage people to just drop by on any Sunday.



5PM Bible Fellowship

Pastor's Class
Room B-300 (Youth Theater) with Pastor Ken Gowin
This class is a group of diverse people that come together to discuss and share the Bible. Taught by the pastor, there is laughter, fellowship, and application as the Bible comes to life. Join us on Sunday evenings at 5pm.