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Christmas in July and August 2021
"My Gift, His Glory"
Women's Missionary Union "Sending-Out" Event
We are all aware of the great needs in our community -- poverty, hunger, homelessness, broken families and addiction, to name a few. People from all walks of life need to experience the love of God, and we can share Him while using our spiritual gifts and talents. What calls your heart? The lonely, those in nursing facilities, children, the needy, the hungry, foster families, the disabled, single parents? The list is endless.
The Bible tells us to be "doers of the Word, and not hearers only."
This year's Christmas in August also includes July to allow us to fan out across the community (on a schedule that suits each group) to meet needs and share the greatest gift: Jesus Christ.
Choose an opportunity from the suggestions provided or come up with your own. You can go as a small or large group depending on the activity. Families with or without children, friends, youths, existing groups in the church, missions groups, Bible Fellowship classes, etc. are invited. If you are physically unable to go, pray for the effort. Offer child care or make/buy cards and send to nursing homes, first responders, education officials and others. Or gather snacks for nursing home workers and others with difficult jobs.
Please pray about your part in this endeavor. Discuss it and pray with your group or family. Call the leaders of the organization you wish to serve and set a date and time. (For example: activities director at a nursing facility). Gather the materials you will need. Include church info cards and other materials about the church (talk to someone in the office about getting these). Serve joyfully and humbly. Witness as the Spirit leads. Invite folks to church and suggest Bible Fellowship classes they and their loved ones might plug into.
People are hurting; they need encouragement. Our community needs Jesus! Use your gifts to point young and old to Him. May God richly bless you!
Please let me know your ministry plan so I can keep everything organized/updated and offer help if needed.
For more information, call Pam Holbrook (606) 922-5274 or email holbrook.pam88@gmail.com.

Ministry Suggestions for Christmas in July and August

  1. Baby or Child Shower for Foster Parents: Call local agencies with foster-care programs, including Ramey-Estep, NECCO and For Jamie's Sake. Find out the needs and consider partnering with them in prayer. Host a shower for a specific family or provide for families in general. Invite the designated foster parents to the shower. Ask our church members and friends and relatives of the family to attend. Ask folks to bring unwrapped gifts if the shower is of a general nature and there will be no foster-parent guests.
  2. Free Car Wash: Ask a business in a high-traffic spot to provide the locale. Advertise well. Provide cookies and lemonade for those waiting in line. Invite people to church and pray with them if appropriate. This is a good ministry for families with teens.
  3. Salute to First Responders: Invite firefighters, law enforcement officers and others to a party in their honor. Provide a meal or just desserts or appetizers. Be a good host by seating them and bringing them seconds or beverages. Don't forget to take food to workers on duty! As an alternative, take the food (or treat bags) to their workplace. Pray for the safety of the first responders in our community.
  4. Volunteer for Painting and Grounds Cleanup at Local Schools and Community Centers: Prayer walk the areas before or after the work.
  5. Offer Free Cold Bottled Water in City Parks: Check with those in charge of the facilities before going. Strike up a conversation if possible and invite them to church. Don't forget those church info cards to hand out!
  6. Pay for Washing and Drying at Coin Laundries: Station a couple or family with rolls of quarters to hand out to those doing laundry. Have prayer with folks if the moment lends itself to that.
  7. Visit Those in Nursing Facilities or Senior Living Homes: Sing, tell Bible Stories, play Bingo or lead a craft session. Call the activities director about a month out to get on the schedule. As an alternative or add-on, provide break-room snacks for the workers.
  8. Do Yard Work for the Elderly or Disabled: You could also replace batteries in smoke detectors. 
  9. Assist Single Moms: Offer oil changes or cards for free car washes. 
  10. Check with Local Nonprofits: such as the Community Kitchen, Clean Start and The Dressing Room (in The Neighborhood in Ashland) about volunteer work. Ask them what materials they need for their clients. Other agencies that help others include Hillcrest-Bruce Mission, Hope's Place, Safe Harbor, Hope Central, the Salvation Army, Helping Hands and Shelter of Hope.

Notes: Be sensitive about taking pictures at events. Remember that awareness of God at work requires attention. Invite those on your team to keep open eyes and ears for things only God can do! Note things to share with the church.


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